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We help organizations in digital transformation by leveraging Artificial Intelligence solutions – Enterprise-grade Chatbots, Machine Learning & BigData Analytics.


Our Capabilities

Software As a Service

  • AI solutions as a Service
  • Managed AI Services
  • Staffing

Any organization which has availability of historic data at large, infrastructure, and vision towards digital transformation.

However, Chatbot's solution is not limited to large volumes of data, it can be implemented to any type of organization that has a good amount of customer base.

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We are best at

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Management
  • Data Analytics/ Models
  • Data Visualization
  • Conversational AI Services
Service Providers

How we accomplish

  • Proprietary Chatbot Studio (on-prem, cloud )
  • Out and Out focus on AI
  • Competitive pricing
  • Multiple Platform Customised Solutions like , Enterprise level Solutions for Aerospace, Food Processing Industries, Defense, Security, Restaurants, Insurance SMLEs
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Chatbot isometric vector illustration

Chat Bot Studio

Bot Builder

To create, train & manage BOTs.

Bot Publisher

Middleware for the channel.


In-App, Web & Facebook.

ML Model Integration

Train and Process Intelligent integration

API Integration

Structure and un structure

Image Processing

Image classification & Tagging.



Our Chatbot is very Customizable mainly focuses on driving the customer to the desired destination, solving most of the problems online on the go.

Our chatbot's powerful machine learning capabilities will help understand the customer questions better to give appropriate solutions.

We mainly focus on customise solutions for Enterprise level Solutions for Aerospace, Food Processing Industries, Defense, Security, Restaurants, Insurance Small Medium & Large Enterprises


Machine Learning Studio

Auto Machine Learning

The auto pilot mode lets you build machine learning pipelines for any kind of data in an enterprise. With minimum configuration, our Auto ML is easy and intuitive to

Custom Machine Learning

The inbuilt studio gives you the flexibility to customize the pipelines of your own if the need arises such that timely interventions can be taken.